Note: last updated April 2017

Since 2004 I have taught courses in English (and a few in Dutch) on Webcare, Corporate Communication, Social media-related topics, and coached over 50 students with their theses. I am an experienced speaker for groups of 20-200 people. My demonstrated engaging presentation skills have been rewarded with the BKO certificate (Advanced Teaching Certificate), which is a necessary requirement to teach at universities in the Netherlands.

On Bachelor’s level:

  • Corporate Communication (TiU)
  • Virtual Collaboration (EUR and UvA in collaboration with prof dr Joe Walter @Michigan State University, USA)
  • Online Personal Branding (EUR)
  • Communication and Organizations (EUR)
  • Introduction to Human Communication (EUR)
  • Quantitative Methods (EUR)
  • Introduction to Research Methods (UvA)
  • Cross-Comparative Research (EUR)
  • Domein Module Corporate Communication (UvA)
  • Information Systems (VU University Amsterdam)

On Master’s level:

  • Webcare (TiU)
  • Social Media @Work (TiU)
  • Research Workshop Online Personal Branding (EUR)
  • Master Thesis Class (EUR)
  • Research Practice Seminar (UvA)
  • New ways of Working (3x @VU University Amsterdam)


  • Supervised over 50 students (and counting) writing their BA/MA theses (TiU, EUR, UvA, VU University Amsterdam)
  • Supervised approximately 10 students doing their internships (EUR, UvA)
  • Tutor at the Academic Writing Centre (Radboud University Nijmegen)

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